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SmartCalc Overview

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SmartCalc is a component tool for creating, managing and distributing online calculators for Joomla.

Right after installing any of the versions of SmartCalc, you can straight away start using it as a typical Joomla component with configuration and data storage in backend and component or module view in the frontend.

The Front-end part of SmartCalc is a module (or component) for displaying the navigation menu and the form associated with the menu item currently selected. From the user's point of view, this form looks like (and actually is) a web form with various input controls, a "calculate" button and a result field. Optionally, a calculations log (history) can be displayed along with a calculations summary. You can have more than one SmartCalc module displayed on the same page.

Also if an optional SmartCalc Logs Mail add-on is installed you will be able to send calculation logs by email. A very basic sample calculator module with this option enabled can be found in the right hand column of this page. This module is displayed on all pages and it illustrates another important feature of SmartCalc: calculator's state persistence between page requests. You will not lose your recent menu selections and logs even if you browse to another page.

Along with the standard frontend / backend Joomla component model , SmartCalc also implements "Module Factory" functionality, i.e. it can generate calculator module packages that can be downloaded and installed as standard modules on any Joomla site, even if that site does not have the SmartCalc component installed.

The "Module Factory" function does not limit the calculators it generates to the same set of data and configuration. Each SmartCalc user has a private data area where they can view and manipulate their own data only. This topic is covered in more detail here.

If you prefer to browse through the samples before reading more, please click this link.

Both Navigation menus and forms have to be configured in the SmartCalc administration area. The remainder of this document briefly describes the data structures and basic operations to start with.

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SmartCalc Samples and Demo

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Smart Calculator frontend samples. You can also login as demo/demo to administration area (link) for readonly access to calculators data and backend preview.

Multi-property result values and calculations log limit sample


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