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osTicky (osTicket Bridge)

sticky notesosTicky (osTicket Sticky Tickets) is a fresh look at ticket support systems for web designers and programmers.

osTicky inegrates a popular open-source Suppot Desk system - "osTicket" - into a Joomla site. It provides complete frontend functionality of original osTicket frontend inside Joomla environment.

Version 1.7 is compatible with both osTicket 1.6 and the latest osTicket 1.7RC5. Version 1.04 only supports osTicket 1.6. 

The main feature of osTicky (and that is why this extension was ever created) is that it offers a new type of web-based service requests - "Sticky Tickets".

See Features for details, osTicky Demo for samples.

This component must be properly configured before the first use. See Documentation for details.

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