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If you are using Joomla 3 visit Smart Countdown 3 project page.

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    scdp iconSmart Countdown 2.x for Joomla 2.5 - 3.0 is an easy to setup and highly customizable module that displays a countdown to a specific event date and time. It is a major update of Smart Countdown 1.x project published in JED in June 2012. It uses the same browser suspend-events detection technology ensuring that the program runs stable and precise even on devices that enter in suspend mode frequently (iOS devices serve as an example: browser tabs switching or window scrolling pauses all timers on their Safari pages).

    Having all the advantages of the previous version this new project focuses mainly on the presentation layer. In the new version the counter is animated so that the digits may slide, fold, change opacity, etc. when their values change. It uses Mootools FX classes for animation providing a good cross-platform support (iOS devices included). Smart Countdown 2.0 is easily extensible with more animation profiles, which can be created in module's configuration directly or installed as add-ons.

    Starting from version 2.5 Smart Countdown adds "countdown to event end time" mode when connected to a compatible event import plugin. See this page for details.

    Startting from version 2.4 Smart Countdown implements "responsive" behavior, i.e. can be automatically scaled for different screen widths and / or displayed on certain screen sizes only.

    Starting from version 2.1 Smart Countdown supports plugins that provide automatic events import to Smart Countdown events queue. Currently Recurring EventsGoogle Calendar Bridge, JEvents Bridge and Ohanah Bridge plugins are available.

    Download Smart Countdown Version 2.4.3 (module only) - a new feature implemented: "Deadline message", a message displayed when the event time arrives. See "Automatic Redirection" pane in module configuration. 

    Download Smart Countdown version 2.5 (module only) - see what is new in version 2.5.

    Download Smart Countdown Localization plugin

    Download Smart Countdown Recurring Events plugin (for version 2.5 or later)

    Download Smart Countdown Google Calendar import plugin (for version 2.2 or later)

    Download Smart Countdown JEvents import plugin (for version 2.1 or later)

    Download Smart Countdown Ohanah import plugin (for version 2.1, 2.2 or later recommended)

    View all animation profiles for Smart Countdown

    View Smart Countdown updates history

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    • Animation Profiles for Smart Countdown

      Animation Profiles are add-ons for Smart Countdown 2.1 or later. Make sure that you have the main module installed and configured before proceeding.

      To install a profile open Joomla Extension Manager and select the zip file that you downloaded from this page. On successful installation new profile(s) will appear in the profiles selection list in module settings.

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    • Smart Countdown Updates
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  • Login Assistant

    Login Assistant is a simple and extremely lightweight login/redirection component for Joomla 2.5 - 3.0 that makes logging in to your site as easy as just following a link, but still secure because both username and password (may be left blank) encoded into this link are also encrypted.

    See Features for details.

    Download Login Assistant for Joomla v1.2 for Joomla 3

    Download Login Assistant for Joomla v1.1 for Joomla 2.5

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  • Random Count Up

    Random Count Up is a module that shows a fictitious but yet highly credible incrementing counter on Joomla 3 sites. It can be used for simulating number of downloads, number of users, financial income, etc.

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