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If you are using Joomla 3 visit Smart Countdown 3 project page.

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Smart Countdown 2.0 for Joomla 2.5 is an easy to setup and highly configurable responsive module that displays countdown to a specific event date and time. It is based on the Smart Countdown 1.x project and uses the same browser suspend-events detection technology ensuring that the program runs stable and precise even on devices that enter in suspend mode frequently (iOS devices serve as an example: browser tabs switching or window scrolling pauses all timers on their Safari pages).

Having all the advantages of 1.x version this new project focuses mainly on the presentation layer. Basically all styling and layout options of Smart Countdown are supported in the version 2.0, so if you used the old module before you should be familiar with the most of its configuration options.

In the new version the counter is animated so that the digits may slide, fold, change opacity, etc. when their values change. It uses Mootools FX classes for animation providing a good cross-platform suppot (iOS devices included).

Flexibilty and extensibility of the module was my main concern: the number of style effects and combinations is virtually unlimited. All animation profiles are stored in separate xml document files so the module is prepared for playing animations that are not created yet. 

Animation profiles not only include FX effects but the styles defining elements positions and dimensions. If a profile uses percent units for these values, it can be easily scaled without the need to edit profile XML definition, and can be adapted to the space your template allows.

Smart Countdown 2.0 includes some basic animation profiles and allows creation of new profiles in the module's settings. The profiles that come with the module out of the box may serve as a guideline for creating new ones. Fine-tuning a custom profile becomes more comfortable and interactive with an animation preview on the same screen in Joomla backend were you edit profile XML document. Just save changes and they will be reflected in preview frame. More detailed documentation on how to create animation profiles can be found here.

Smart Countdown 2.0 is a free extension with basic animation profiles included. You may create your own (or edit existing) profiles, providing that you have some basic to intermediate CSS knoledge. If it is not the case additional profiles are available free of charge or at a symbolic fee (see profiles demo page). Profiles are distributed as standard Joomla installation files (zip) and can be installed via Extension Manager, adding new profile(s) to your existing module installation (all existing profiles still remain available). Just go to the module's settings in backend and select the new profile from the list.

More animation profiles are coming soon, just leave a comment to this article if you would like to see some special animations or styles.

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