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SmartCalc Samples and Demo

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Smart Calculator frontend samples. You can also login as demo/demo to administration area (link) for readonly access to calculators data and backend preview.

Multi-property result values and calculations log limit sample


Visually designed forms example

Fields on these forms are not layed out in a normal page flow but were placed to user defined fixed positions on form design stage. This makes it possible to combine a background image and inputs display to make user interaction more intuitive.


Sample geometric calculator

The Navigation menu is not displayed because the base category selection for this module is configured to start directly from the list (3D / 2D). "3D" is set as default option ("Circular cone" is also set as default and follows "3D" in categories path - so this option will be preselected automatically when the module is displayed). "2D" option has no default subcategory so when selected, no form will appear until the user makes a selection from dropdown list.


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